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Welcome to my Art Journey

As you may have read on my bio, I have a chronic illness. My journey into art was a slow process. I've been interested in art and as a young child I would always draw and doodle, as I grew older I made less time for creativity due to the fact I had to work so much. As a result creativity slowly fell to wayside as work began to take over my existence as did my disease. After my transplant my depression and anxiety was getting much worse. I felt lost and didn't have a sense of purpose.

I wanted a break from everything so my husband and I jumped in our car and headed to my friends home in South Carolina. She was amazing. She always had a smile on her face despite her own struggles and she welcome us without question. She would make us feel right at home and spoil us with her yummy food. Her house was like a studio always full of sculptures and paintings all over her home and riddled with paint brushes and tubes of paint. She oozed creativity even her clothes and style. She confided in me she too had chronic health problems and she said art and the power of prayer brought her back from her pain and discomfort and she began to live life again. That's what I wanted. To live again and embrace the precious gifts I had been entrusted with, but how?? I had no clue how to get back to who I was. It wasn't until one day I wanted desperately to get out and walk. my husband obliged and I gave out quickly from sheer exhaustion. I went home feeling defeated and knew my life would never be the same. Then I remember my friend in South Carolina. I went to the store and I bought some paint cheap brushes and any little canvas and painted quite possibly the ugliest mess id ever seen, but my God it felt so amazing. I felt a sense of calm wash over me and I wasn't thinking about my next doctor appointment or my next medical bill, I was content with that brush in my hand. I've painted ever since that day. no my life wasn't going to be how it was it was going to be even better!!!!!

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